2.3 Decades And Counting . . .

23 anniversary1Twenty-three years ago I was enjoying Day 4 of our honeymoon in Hong Kong before moving on to Bangkok and then Phuket.  Three weeks’ of fascinating discoveries and enchanting places.  First glimpse of our hotel in Phuket took my breath away.  Through the glass doors of a bright open Reception I saw brilliant white sand lapped gently by astonishingly blue water. The bungalow rooms, each with their own front door, were built around a courtyard filled with fragrant exotic flowers and had a balcony just six feet above the white sand.  In 2004 the decimated ruins of that hotel and that beautiful beach were shown on the BBC News after being struck by the tsunami, truly a paradise lost. Nothing remains unchanged.

So what’s special about a 23rd anniversary?  Truth is, I don’t know save that it’s coincided with changes in the cycle of life.  Listening to a priest singing an amended version of Hallelujah to an unsuspecting bride and groom at their wedding impacted deeply upon me (link at bottom of page).  Traditional religion doesn’t call me but the goodness and gentleness I saw in this man’s face, coupled with his amazing voice and one of my favourite hymns penetrated my very being. And it got me thinking about the passing of time, the moments etched forever in our hearts, and our purpose. Does that happen to you? Something triggers a spark deep within and suddenly you’re back in another place and time , right in the emotion of that memory?

The last 2.3 decades have been eventful, for sure.  A son and daughter blessed our lives and are now building their own.  Mum and Dad moved on to higher things within 14 months of each other and I now fully understand the saying “You never really grow up until you lose your parents”.  Actually, in that time a whole generation of family have ‘gone home’.  The biggest blessing was being wrongly diagnosed with a fatal illness.  Life’s hobnail boot up the rear end truly is the best cure for inertia, be it physical or spiritual.  Heck, since then I’ve fulfilled my childhood dream of going to Alaska, been to Bimini to swim with the wild dolphins, said “Yes” to pastfutureopportunities shown to me (which I admit I’d have shied away from pre-boot), bought, run and sold my own very successful business and am a collaborating author in the international #1 Bestseller, The Expert Success Solution, and now I’m reaching out to touch others with the book I’m writing, ‘Life-Changing Seconds’!  Phew, not bad for a serial under-achiever.  But the most precious gift of all is that I’ve learnt not to beat myself up for all the mistakes along the way.  I may not have woken up until I was 50 but finally I’m fit for purpose!

As Dr John Demartini says:

“Wisdom is looking back at your life and realising that every single event, person, place or idea was part of the perfected experience you needed to build your dream.  Not one was a mistake.”

I’d like to leave you with a treat – the singing priest – look out for the smile and the wink to the bride.  Love this man.  Pity he wasn’t available 23 years ago.  Here he is – enjoy!  Would love to hear your story so please do leave a comment below.

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