Life Changing Seconds . . .


Life changes in but a fleeting second, sending us either headlong into ecstacy or unimaginable pain.  It’s like that or we’d all be flatlining, no troughs and certainly no peaks.  Never has this been more clearly defined than in the life of Gary Barlow. Gary recently talked of moments of intense pleasure and excitement as he travelled the world gathering music and changing lives for the Queen’s Jubilee song.  Then of the anticipation seconds before meeting Her Majesty at Buckingham Palace for the first time.  Also […] Read more »

Caring, Sharing and Making A Difference

baby to old man

Continuing the theme on our elderly and how they are viewed in parts of our society, particularly the care system, I’d like to share with you a poem which speaks volumes. I have friends who come from other cultures and, during chats about life, they express amazement at how in the West we don’t respect our senior citizens for their wisdom and sometimes fail to act with gratitude for all they’ve given for us.  I’ve countered saying family structures are different […] Read more »

Water Torture To Gratitude


The plumber’s been at last – we’ve been enduring a version of Chinese water torture since Saturday when hot tap in utility room finally took a turn too far and refused to close off.  Necessity being the mother of invention, I’ve been experimenting with ways to deflect the slowly running water and stop the constant noise.  In case you’re similarly afflicted in the future, I can reveal a pizza baking tray with holes to stop the development of a soggy bottom, is the best […] Read more »

Celebrating On Friday The 13th


For some Friday the 13th brings angst and worry but for me, having arrived in this world on just such a day, it’s a time of happy celebration; actually, my festivities started on Friday the 13th and have only just ended!  I’m feeling very blessed having spent time with family and friends, all of whom shared love, friendship and surprises, visiting and making my day very special. My mother always said that, in a liftime, one can count the number of true friends […] Read more »

The Courage To Forgive


I’ve been away for a while doing ‘Life’ – no, not behind bars but I have felt as thought I was on the wrong end of a couple of Federer 130mph serves!  But I’m back, happy to be writing again and delighted you’ve dropped into The Cafe. The word ‘forgiveness’ creates a soft and gentle sound and yet requires courage, strength and a depth of understanding and compassion that can be so hard to reach when hurting and angry, whether […] Read more »

I’m A Ticking Time Bomb – Are You?

stress mug

All my life I’ve had an innate knowing that the universe has my back and so it is has proved yet again.  Recent events have probably saved my life or prevented a permanently debilitating episode.  I feel blessed and guided. About a month ago, Husband and I each had a letter from our doctors’ surgery inviting us to make appointments initially for blood tests, and then for results and further health checks in a new screening initiative.  Mine went into […] Read more »

Domestic Goddess Breaks Out

blackberry and apples

Times they are a-changin’ around here, last Sunday being a case in point.  Daughter was off at first light to help ease new life into the world and do the necessary with newly born lambs and Son was off to his second shift at Homebase in the afternoon. Arriving home from a friend’s at 11.00am following a night out, S took a shower while I prepared some lunch.  No, not a full roast, that was to come later.  So, by 12.45pm, […] Read more »