NatWest Business Client Implodes


Banks are very topical at the moment and, in Chez Nous, The Listening Bank aka NatWest is causing extreme grief because they certainly don’t exercise extreme listening.  Allow me, if you will, to explain . . . Five years ago I bought my first business.  So?  It took NatWest Business Banking in Hornchurch A YEAR almost to the day, to switch the account to me.  Stunned?  Yep, me too, as I’d worked my way through 3 separate ‘troubleshooters’ on the […] Read more »

Emotional Shock In Newsagent


As I write, I may as well have been physically kicked in the stomach because that’s how I feel.  Happily dropping cushion covers at the dry cleaners following the arrival of new carpet and bit of a Spring clean, I went into the newsagent this morning and saw the headline: “A “BRILLIANT” 18-year old grammar schoolgirl hanged herself in a park was “clearly failed” by mental health services . . .” She wasn’t just any 18-year old, but D’s best friend […] Read more »

Change Brings Mental Clarity


The last few days have been very informing for me.  As I watched Dancing on Ice last night, stretched out on the sofa, I was gradually moved around the room like a chess piece as the remainder of the carpet was cut up and removed quite literally from under me.  Strange certainly, enjoyable certainly not. I’ll rewind about 10 days to reveal the source of the upheaval.  The ever-listening Universe has provided me with a new lounge carpet, something I’ve […] Read more »

Empty Nesting Goes Global


I think it’s fair to say many become ‘empty nesters’ when chicks fly off for positive reasons such as attending Uni, College or to explore the wider world and that it’s usually for short prescriptive bursts. But what of other cultures and religions which demand a period of annexation from family?  The Mormon religion, for example,  requires young men from the age of 19 to leave their homes to undertake missionary work.  What a double-edged sword this must be for […] Read more »

Letting Go And Finding Balance


It’s taken many years but I feel able to cheerfully announce that I am healed!  Why so?  I wasn’t looking forward to it but I’ve been back to the storage depot with my brother and sorted the remainder of the treasures which belonged to my Mum and Dad. You’d have been proud of me, tackling the job with a very positive mental attitude.  We sorted through a mountain of boxes, saving a few books for bookworm Daughter to read – bought her a Kindle […] Read more »

Human Rights Or Abuse?


Have you read the recent reports about the abysmal care provided in some care homes?  Injustice presses my buttons every time and I find myself chewing over the situation in my mind.  I am a bit of an expert here as I researched extensively when my parents became ill.  Then, when a friend’s father needed additional care, I was asked to go to Plymouth to help the family with their selection.  In one establishment, I was invited into the manager’s office as he thought I worked […] Read more »

Swift Vet Visiting


I’ll write this very quietly to avoid alarm in the basket behind me.  We went to the V-E-T . . .schuush . . . !  Had been putting it off but daughter came home at the weekend and was unimpressed by the procrastination.  Smacked wrist pour moi.  Ruff, aging Persian fluffball, has been seriously under-achieving with his scratchpost activities and it was time for Alfred’s doggy disease inhibiting vaccine. Seizing time by the throat while daughter went to raid a bank decided […] Read more »