Welcome, I’m Janet Swift and I’m delighted you’ve dropped in.

I hope you’re enjoying a sun-filled day where all’s right in your world but, if not, you’ve come to the right place. We can all feel ‘off balance’ and overwhelmed by life’s challenges at times. As spiritual beings in the here-and-now, we’re sometimes treated to moments of blissful happiness and contentment but also acute emotional pain and suffering.  A monochrome life would be boring though, don’t you think?

My absolute belief is that each of us has the inner strength to cope with our challenges and that all things pass, eventually.  I’ve seen that the darkest times really can deliver golden opportunities for happiness and growth although, if you’d asked me that during my greatest trials, I might have answered differently!  What kept me going was holding on to something positive, listening to my intuition and believing that all would be well.

It’s been an interesting life so far, having travelled widely as a child, experiencing the flavour of other cultures and, as a result, I love to travel.  Working for myself as a writer, and running a business, allows me more freedom than I ever dreamed possible during my 20 corporate years and, before that, as a nurse.

Blessed with a son and a daughter, life’s busy but rewarding.  Add to that a daft Spaniel, Alfred, and a Persian cat who thinks he isn’t, and you’ll get an idea of domesticity around here.  And yet, I learn from each of them.

I’m relishing my journey of discovery, learning about the gifts of the Universe and how to unfold the hidden treasures within; we really are so much more than our five senses.  Since I was a young girl, I’ve been exploring spirituality, aware deep inside that my purpose is to be of service.  I’m hoping I can share with you along the way and make a difference to your day.

So, I invite you to kick off your shoes, relax, and enjoy all the Life Changing Cafe has to offer, leaving with a smile.
Looking forward to your next visit – you’re always welcome.

Warm wishes