Resilience During The Storms


A dog in the daffs, all enjoying the sunshine; what a difference a day makes!  After the torrential rain and storms we’ve endured for days, the sky’s a cloudless brilliant blue, I can hear birds calling and all is peaceful. A series of quick ‘whizzes’ instead of proper walks, left Alfred akin to a coiled spring so off we went with unbridled joy, on Alf’s part anyway. The word ‘resilience‘ came to mind as I looked around at Nature and her lessons, the Oxford Dictionary […] Read more »

Dr Dain And The Dolphins

How can it get any better than this?” is the new buzz phrase on the block, so I thought I’d give it a try.    Dr Dain Heer’s my new ‘Go To” guru and I’m lovin’ him and his insights.   Why so?  In the words of the late Max Bygraves, “I wanna tell you a story”. Every now and again, the Cancerian in me finds expression and I’ve been yearning to be near the sea.  If that sea was a […] Read more »

Clive’s Arrived

Alfie Close Up

Clive’s arrived but in the words of that old song, “Will he stay or will he go now . . .”, can’t remember the rest or the singer – surely not another senior moment? So, who’s Clive and how come he’s moved in, huh?  Well, truth is Son and I had a madly impulsive moment on the way home from the garden centre where I’d been shipped for coffee and cake; apparently I needed to get out of the house. […] Read more »

Consternation At Crufts


It’s all happening around here at the moment.  The Cheltenham Racing Festival’s on just seven miles down the road and, last weekend, it was Crufts at the NEC, a short drive up the M5.   Much as I adore the dogs, it’s an amazing event for we ‘people watching’ enthusiasts.  They say owners become like their dogs and we shared many a titter as the theory was proven over and over again. As interested observers rather than breed specific contestants, watching the judging was highly entertaining.  Happening upon […] Read more »

Swift Vet Visiting


I’ll write this very quietly to avoid alarm in the basket behind me.  We went to the V-E-T . . .schuush . . . !  Had been putting it off but daughter came home at the weekend and was unimpressed by the procrastination.  Smacked wrist pour moi.  Ruff, aging Persian fluffball, has been seriously under-achieving with his scratchpost activities and it was time for Alfred’s doggy disease inhibiting vaccine. Seizing time by the throat while daughter went to raid a bank decided […] Read more »

Empty Nesting Animals


Are you an Empty Nester or perhaps just one chick down?  Either way, it’s a time of change in the family dynamics and often not in the way anticipated.  Our first chick flew off to Liverpool in September of last year amid great excitement, planning and packing.  OK, the accommodation was awful when we arrived but a few posters, a couple of strategically placed lamps and a few treasures from home soon made the barren, cream painted breeze blocked room seem cheerier. […] Read more »