Domestic Goddess Breaks Out

blackberry and apples

Times they are a-changin’ around here, last Sunday being a case in point.  Daughter was off at first light to help ease new life into the world and do the necessary with newly born lambs and Son was off to his second shift at Homebase in the afternoon. Arriving home from a friend’s at 11.00am following a night out, S took a shower while I prepared some lunch.  No, not a full roast, that was to come later.  So, by 12.45pm, […] Read more »

Empty Nesting Goes Global


I think it’s fair to say many become ‘empty nesters’ when chicks fly off for positive reasons such as attending Uni, College or to explore the wider world and that it’s usually for short prescriptive bursts. But what of other cultures and religions which demand a period of annexation from family?  The Mormon religion, for example,  requires young men from the age of 19 to leave their homes to undertake missionary work.  What a double-edged sword this must be for […] Read more »

Empty Nesting Animals


Are you an Empty Nester or perhaps just one chick down?  Either way, it’s a time of change in the family dynamics and often not in the way anticipated.  Our first chick flew off to Liverpool in September of last year amid great excitement, planning and packing.  OK, the accommodation was awful when we arrived but a few posters, a couple of strategically placed lamps and a few treasures from home soon made the barren, cream painted breeze blocked room seem cheerier. […] Read more »