Celebrating On Friday The 13th


For some Friday the 13th brings angst and worry but for me, having arrived in this world on just such a day, it’s a time of happy celebration; actually, my festivities started on Friday the 13th and have only just ended!  I’m feeling very blessed having spent time with family and friends, all of whom shared love, friendship and surprises, visiting and making my day very special. My mother always said that, in a liftime, one can count the number of true friends […] Read more »

Domestic Goddess Breaks Out

blackberry and apples

Times they are a-changin’ around here, last Sunday being a case in point.  Daughter was off at first light to help ease new life into the world and do the necessary with newly born lambs and Son was off to his second shift at Homebase in the afternoon. Arriving home from a friend’s at 11.00am following a night out, S took a shower while I prepared some lunch.  No, not a full roast, that was to come later.  So, by 12.45pm, […] Read more »

Identity Fraud – Part 2

Internet security

Always vigilant in securely disposing of paperwork displaying personal information and with two security software systems on my computer, having my identity stolen and my emails hacked wasn’t something I was unduly concerned about but I should have been. In Part 1, I wrote about the iPhone scam.  All Orange users, take comfort in being more secure than most.  Their Fraud Dept wrote asking me to contact them.  They’re on the ball, their systems being triggered by multiple applications from my address that an ‘impersonator’ might be at […] Read more »

Identity Fraud – Part 1

Yellow ID theft

Who’s playing you today?  Ever wondered? Identity theft – words bandied about all the time and probably filed in the mental folder, “It Won’t Happen To Me”.   But it did and many months later I’m still living with its piercing impact on my life.  And it’s affecting the whole family, even minors. The following facts may surprise you:     In the UK, identity fraud in itself is not a crime, although profiting from it is. An annual figure of £1.3 billion pa is the minimum quantifiable cost to […] Read more »

Spiritual Unfoldment

This afternoon I was standing in the kitchen preparing a lasagne as many thoughts came tumbling into my mind, and I suddenly remembered some words I was compelled to write down one afternoon in 1996.  It was a free afternoon, the first for some time, as Daughter was at school and Son was having his first session at nursery.   Why this should come to mind as I grated cheese, enjoying the odd morsel myself and passing titbits to Alf (pleased […] Read more »

Chicken Curry In Snowdonia


It’s been a revolving door sort of weekend, starting very early on Friday morning when Son departed for school geology field trip to Snowdonia.  Cakes to “augment lunches” were required, the instructions stated.  Thinking my butterfly cupcakes wouldn’t do for a mini-bus load of 18-yr old boys, I suggest tray bakes.  Once I would have baked them myself but no more; there’s been a mutiny in the kitchen.  S dropped into supermarket on way home from Muay Thai on Thursday evening to buy some, along with ‘necessities’.  Alf (dog) […] Read more »

Emotional Shock In Newsagent


As I write, I may as well have been physically kicked in the stomach because that’s how I feel.  Happily dropping cushion covers at the dry cleaners following the arrival of new carpet and bit of a Spring clean, I went into the newsagent this morning and saw the headline: “A “BRILLIANT” 18-year old grammar schoolgirl hanged herself in a park was “clearly failed” by mental health services . . .” She wasn’t just any 18-year old, but D’s best friend […] Read more »