Maya The Magnificent


The beautiful soul that is Maya Angelou travelled home yesterday, her earthly task of shining light into dark places completed.  And if at our moment of transition we review our physical experience, it will have been spiritually rewarding to see the impact her writing and insight had upon so many.  But so much physical and emotional experience went into the blending of the amazing woman who was Maya. Did you realise, for example, that for five years Maya was mute, […] Read more »

The Expert Success Solution

If you were to make a list of 22 barriers that are blocking you from getting everything you want in business and in life, what would be on your list? Losing weight? Increasing income? Improving love? Business development? Spirituality? Strategic thinking? Retirement planning? Career transition? Stress reduction? Work-life balance? Fitness? Ending overwhelm? Family communications? Ending financial problems? Conflict resolution? Goal achievement? Reinvention? Legacy-preserving stories? Or maybe just having more fun? We all have areas of our lives we’d love to […] Read more »

Patience,When Will You Be Mine?

frustration ahead

Like me, do you frustrate yourself?  Friday was a case in point.  Why do I think I know better than those who know?  Why am I not patient?  Now, in mitigation, I thought all was well therefore headlong into the throng I threw myself, even though I’d been told my mission wasn’t important.  It was to me.  Okay, okay I admit I’d made my mind up and the lady wasn’t for turning, as someone once said. Following instructions to take […] Read more »

Caring, Sharing and Making A Difference

baby to old man

Continuing the theme on our elderly and how they are viewed in parts of our society, particularly the care system, I’d like to share with you a poem which speaks volumes. I have friends who come from other cultures and, during chats about life, they express amazement at how in the West we don’t respect our senior citizens for their wisdom and sometimes fail to act with gratitude for all they’ve given for us.  I’ve countered saying family structures are different […] Read more »

Water Torture To Gratitude


The plumber’s been at last – we’ve been enduring a version of Chinese water torture since Saturday when hot tap in utility room finally took a turn too far and refused to close off.  Necessity being the mother of invention, I’ve been experimenting with ways to deflect the slowly running water and stop the constant noise.  In case you’re similarly afflicted in the future, I can reveal a pizza baking tray with holes to stop the development of a soggy bottom, is the best […] Read more »

Human Rights Or Abuse?


Have you read the recent reports about the abysmal care provided in some care homes?  Injustice presses my buttons every time and I find myself chewing over the situation in my mind.  I am a bit of an expert here as I researched extensively when my parents became ill.  Then, when a friend’s father needed additional care, I was asked to go to Plymouth to help the family with their selection.  In one establishment, I was invited into the manager’s office as he thought I worked […] Read more »