Change Brings Mental Clarity

The last few days have been very informing for me.  As I watched Dancing on Ice last night, stretched out on the sofa, I was gradually moved around the room like a chess piece as the remainder of the carpet was cut up and removed quite literally from under me.  Strange certainly, enjoyable certainly not.

I’ll rewind about 10 days to reveal the source of the upheaval.  The ever-listening Universe has provided me with a new lounge carpet, something I’ve wanted for a while but didn’t feel was a priority when funds are limited.  I’m thrilled and delighted with the result as it was fitted only this morning.  Someone rang me out of the blue saying they wanted to treat me to a new carpet – I had mentioned my desire for one some time ago.  Fireworks, excitement, gratitude fired simultaneously within me.  Off we went last Saturday to choose this new and long-awaited item of luxury.  Fitting a week on Monday the man said.

Yesterday, everything had to be removed to prepare the room.  How I hate upheaval.  All that was left were the sofas and, thankfully, it was dry so they went through the French doors on to the lawn (I use the term loosely) during fitting.  It’s chucking it down now so, again, thanks for keeping the weather systems at bay earlier.

It had become apparent that my method of working (having planned quickest route from A to D) varied from that of Husband.  You’d have been proud of me because I stepped back and let Husband and Son do it their way.  Proud of myself on this one because I do like to do things my way but finally – and it’s only taken half a century to achieve – relaxed into knowing that all roads lead home.  The job got done and on time.

This was very much a physical representation of change and all that was necessary to achive the outcome – wonderful new carpet which enhances and pulls together all the colours – but somewhere among the piles of furniture, etc, came the supressed realisation that change of any sort involves planning and a period of discomfort and adjustment – and a letting go of the ‘my way or no way’ mentality.  It got me thinking about times when opportunities weren’t snatched from the hand of Fate because the thought of change and discomfort (growth?) seemed uncomfortable.

Is it because I’m now ready for other aspects of life to change that a knowingness rose within me?  From the dreaded physical upheaval that’s prevailed over the last couple of days has arisen a clarity of thought that’s as welcome as the new carpet.

The animals are just settling down, having thought we were emigrating I’m sure.  Mirrored in their behaviour were my own insecurities.  To add insult to injury, the last bastion of normality crumbled this morning when the Alf’s basket was moved from my office to the kitchen; he was bound to announce the arrival of the carpet fitter and I was on a call.  Mind you, there’s always a silver lining – basket was near enough to the kitchen table to look pleadingly at Son as he enjoyed a leisurely breakfast.  Family reckon I’m the soft touch around here but it wasn’t long before Alf was enjoying a morsel or two without even having to leave his basket.  Well, they do say it’s a dog’s life . . .


  • Janet,

    You have a gift of storytelling that is an absolute gift and a joy for the reader. Frankly, you could tell me a story about your toothpaste tube and I would find it engaging! I’m not joking!

    If only I lived in Gloucestershire, I’d be popping in to the Life Changing Cafe far too frequently just to listen to your hypnotic storytelling and of course I do like a good latte whilst I am at it!

    Keep em coming, you rocker you!

  • This is a deceptively powerful post. I look forward to even more changes. As synchronicity would have it, Janet, I was reading a book on this very topic today, our preparedness (or not) to change and guess what? This is going to become vital as we age, especially if we want to lengthen our lives not shorten them. Actively seek change for its own sake. I especially love that you were prepared to surrened to the boys on this furniture moving challenge. Entirely the right choice, that one. J

  • Yeah, lovely yet again, Janet. Change teaches us all so much about ourselves, even if it’s only a new carpet or the gas meter being moved (remember that one!) Each time, it’s a new ask on how to respond and especially how to respond differently than our automatic behaviour. I love life, constantly presenting us with new opportunities, lol … best, Sally

  • Love it–miracles always happens when we let go and allow Spirit to flow…well done for letting go.

  • Jan

    I could have been in the room with you so vividly did you paint the picture. I loved the fact that despite keeping out of the planning the changes still occurred (and carry on doing so). Life to a tee! Thanks Janet.

  • Thank you for your comments, all. Due to technical problems, I am unable to leave individual replies.

    Bianca, I’d love to have you near enough to pop in for a latte and I’m delighted you enjoy a peek into my world. There are lots of celebs and Royals here in Gloucestershire so, in your company, I’d be sure to bump into them.

    Yes, Judith, it was good to finally just allow the job to be done, rather than feeling I had to project manage things! Your book sounds interesting and I’m in agreement that ringing the changes is mentally stimulating. I’m planning on making many more when I’m free of my business.

    Sally, life certainly has a way of keeping us on our toes, as you say. It’s exciting to see what’s coming next, now that I’m in a state of allowing and the planets are more positively placed for this Cancerian from 1st March!

    Ntathu, miracles surely do weave their magic into our lives and, after a ‘stuck’ few months, I think I’m flowing again, which feels good.

    Many thanks to all for dropping into the Cafe.


  • Thanks, Jan. It was easier than I thought it might be to just step away from the organisation, and a relief to hand over the responsiblity to others. Why do we insist on making things difficult for ourselves? Historically, I know I have done but no more! Janet

  • Janet what a brilliant story!! I too felt like I was been whirled around on the sofa watching the last morsel of carpet slip away. Yes, a great story teller. I’ll certainly be popping by from time to time. Mine’s a latte too… Just do I can say ” the usual” when I do pop in. I love how you say that it’s only taken you half a century to discover….that gives md hope. Always something to learn. Thanks for your insight & oh the humour. Always welcome!!

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