Change, Travel and Adventure

change switchIt’s great to be back after the exciting changes and adventures of the last few months.  I was surprised by how quckly time’s whizzed by since I told you about the book I’m writing.

Something struck me this morning which, although blindingly obvious, had slipped through my mental processing unit.  I don’t think it’s an age related error but this possibility can’t be ruled out since I sometimes find myself standing in front of the freezer willing my mind to inform me what I’m to retrieve from the frozen depths.  Eventually, the answer flutters into my conscious mind and it’s usually frozen peas!  But I digress.

I’m a great believer in effortless manifesting and high on my Universal request list is travel.  I’m still waiting to visit the Galapagos Islands and other exotic locations but today I realised how much travelling and discovering I’ve done in the last six months.  Yes, there was the family holiday to Fuerteventura last September but I’ve been further afield and loved every minute of it.  It was the events I travelled to which were in my mind, rather than the actual travel.  You see last October I went to an authors’ conference in Las Vegas which led to a trip to Orlando in February to work on a collaborative book.   In January I was in Venice with daughter to celebrate her 21st and this week I was in Liverpool.  Now you may not immediately categorise Liverpool with Las Vegas but I really enjoyed a trip on the Mersey Ferryboat in beautiful sunshine.  And here’s a thing.  Did you know the Mersey Ferry is mentioned in The Domesday Book and has been running for over 600 years?  No, me neither.

Although we only had one free day in Vegas, there was no way I wasn’t seeing The Strip.  The hotel shuttle dropped us at a massive casino complex from where we switched to a second shuttle to The Strip.  Just by chance, said complex was the meeting point for real cowboys who were massing for the Rodeo World Championships – the correct title eludes me – all stetsons, sharp creases down the legs of the jeans which should have carried a safety warning and dangling ropes.  As TV crews interviewed the stars just feet away, we perched for a cool drink while shading from the midday sun.  After soaking up the juice and the sight of the world’s best testosterone fuelled cowboys, off we went to The Strip.  Loved it.  The hotels previously seen only on TV, stood huge and splendid in every direction.  Had hoped to see Celine Dion’s show as she’s Queen of Vegas but, sadly, she’d taken a week off and was replaced by another queen, Elton John.

So, instead, it was the night time tour for us.  Very visually dramatic.  Had pictures taken at the Vegas sign.  The young lady who was our guide for the evening was born and bred in Vegas so knew the history of every building, including the activities of the Mob.  We weaved in and out of amazingly decorated hotel foyers, saw light shows and everything else Vegas had to offer including the drive-through wedding parlour.  Yep, all done and dusted in 15 minutes and the happy (and often inebriated) couple drive off.  Perhaps the wedding breakfast was a bargain bucket from drive through KFC and the toast in Diet Coke?  Phew, it was all exhausting but exciting.  Then it was back to The Green Ranch Resort for three days’ of conference where I met some incredible people and expanded my horizons.

Oh yes, forgot to tell you.  Our  arrival at The Green Ranch Resort revealed a mix-up with our booking.  We were only upgraded to The Mediterranean Suite usually reserved for the likes of Joan Collins et al!  Largest suite in the complex, huge dining table and 12 chairs occupied one corner of the room, opulent couches to seat 25 on the other side of the room with enough space to induce agoraphobia between.  Tall pillars and swathes of cream curtains held back with ropes marked the start of the hallway.   Each bedroom had a massive marble bathroom with every extra imaginable, including phones in the loos.  Thought they were probably a statement too far since I can’t think I’d choose to make calls from the throne room.  Alas, it was but for one night but what an experience.  Clearly, one was expected to travel with one’s chef as there was a full kitchen and marble topped bar near the dining area which was just visible without the aid of binoculars.  OK, an exaggeration, but you get the idea?  Certainly, it was an insight into how some seek repose during their travels.  The startled look of the cleaner in the corridor as we left trundling our luggage the next morning said it all.  “You two been upgraded or something?”.  Yes love, does it show?

All this made me think about the real price of fame and fortune – trapped in a gilded cage, maybe?