Choice, Change, Action!

Remember the old classic: “Love is all around me, it’s everywhere I go,  I feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my toes,  the love that’s all around me, and so the feeling grows . . .”  Reg Presley, who wrote that wonderful song, wrote from the heart not knowing his words would touch so many all around the world.  It’s an interesting concept that our thoughts and actions reach far beyond our immediate field and influence in ways we perhaps can’t imagine?

Yes, love is all around us but then so is change – climatic, governmental, financial and, perhaps most importantly, personal.   Nature’s responding to climatic change by offering the beauty of buds and flowers  ahead of time.  Did you know that some animals haven’t hibernated this year?  The Animal Kingdom’s response to change.  And never before have such opportunities to learn, develop, grow and influence been offered as they are right now.  Real time communications allow the sharing of thoughts around the globe in seconds.  Like the song, our thought and actions resonate through space and time and it’s our personal responsibility to choose our message carefully, leaving a positive imprint wherever we go.  Have you noticed how group consciousness is changing around the world?  The last few months have seen movement in situations which have been set in stone for years.  The times, yes, they sure are a-changin’.

Being constantly bombarded with negative news and pictures, snippets of conversations in supermarkets and in the street means we’re absorbing those messages on a subliminal level because we’re programmed to.  Is it any wonder we sometimes feel a bit down and allow feelings of malaise to creep in?  Hey, it’s normal, but it doesn’t mean we can’t do something about it.  Our thoughts and words certainly influence others but also ourselves.  Consciously keeping our thought stream positive is invigorating for mind, body and spirit.  All developments whether scientific, conceptual or material, good and bad, started with a single thought which manifested somehow and somewhere.  Imagine harnessing our positive personal potential, and then our communal thinking, for good – the impact of that would certainly be newsworthy!

Habit-forming by nature, we do tend to repeat the same thoughts and actions as we journey through our daily lives but it may be comforting to know that we do, literally, become stuck!  I read something fascinating this week about keeping the mind flexible and open to new learning.  In repeating the same old, same old (which is why we may feel bored and in a rut), we ensure that’s exactly where we are neurologically!  Apparently, this is one reason why the elderly may start to lose the ability to change.  It’s the old ‘use it or lose it’ thing again, I’m afraid.  We actually lose the potential to create new neural pathways and become stuck in the established ones.  And here’s something interesting.  Did you know that just by a simple change like, for example, cleaning your teeth with the opposite hand to your usual hand of choice, you’re meandering on a different mental route?  Think how powerful this is.  New experiences of any kind bring about real physiological development which, in turn, keeps the possibility of change alive and well and awaiting action!

Don’t know about you but I’m rushing off for my toothbrush, my ‘neurals’ have been stuck in neutral for far too long.  I’d love you to share your thoughts so do, please, leave a comment.

  • Hi Janet

    As you know, I like to teach my clients how routines can support their somewhat chaotic business lives. However, my own coach is trying to persuade me to do precisely the opposite, precisely what you recommend here – to let some of my own routines go. I think I can afford to, don’t you?

    So I am trying to do something differently every day, and it can be tiny. Swapping tea (yuk) for coffee, being a lot less efficient i.e. going to and from the car lots of times for lots of little walks rather than carrying it all in like Crackerjack, remember? Going the other way round the roundabout (no, not in the car) and so on. Or, as I like to say to my clients, do something different for a change -geddit?

    Less of a creature of habit than I used to be, then…


  • Hey Janet, I love your post. How true it is and how easy (once the habit is formed) I’m going to try using the left hand more frequently, brush my teeth, wear my watch on my right. Opening up new neural pathways is the order of the day. Thank you for sharing! Bianca

  • Janet

    Geddit, I do. Judith, your ‘neurals’ must be forging new pathways by the minute! There’s nothing like a little spontaneity to get all the vitals zinging – long may it continue, for all of us.

  • I sometimes feel that my life is a little too full of change, and wish for some momentary boredom, but truth be told I wouldn’t have it any other way. Even in the midst of change we all have our habits though, and I rather like the idea of challenging them. I shall see what happens when I weild the toothbrush left-handed tonight!

    • Janet

      Hi Sarah. Here’s hoping the left-handed approach is successful! Janet

  • Lovely post Janet, thank you. I too am forging some new neural pathways at the moment. I’m following the BJ Fogg principle of 3 tiny new habits each week. So far it’s going well, but I’m conscious that it takes 21 days to form a real habit, so a week will probably not do the job, but hey, have to start somewhere. What we must remember that some of our habits support our goals and our success and some do not. It’s about finding out about the ones that don’t and changing them, one little teeny weeny step at a time. Thanks for your thoughts again 🙂

  • Lovely post, Janet, and quite moving. It made me think of growing old and how some people are open to trying new things which helps them stay youthful and others stay stuck in their ways and become grumpy. I know how I want to “do” life. Thank you for a thought-provoking post. Sally

    • Janet

      Hi Sally. Yes, it’s sad but true that old age can be very challenging both for the elderly and their families. Thankfully, there is more awareness now of things we can each do to stay fit and lively, both mentally and physically. Janet

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