Dr Dain And The Dolphins

dolphinsHow can it get any better than this?” is the new buzz phrase on the block, so I thought I’d give it a try.    Dr Dain Heer’s my new ‘Go To” guru and I’m lovin’ him and his insights.   Why so?  In the words of the late Max Bygraves, “I wanna tell you a story”.

Every now and again, the Cancerian in me finds expression and I’ve been yearning to be near the sea.  If that sea was a home to dolphins, then my heart would surely sing. For various reasons, we haven’t had a family holiday this year and, as the calling to the water grew, I decided to look for a cottage near the coast in Wales.  Search secures zilch.  Half the world is clearly staying in Welsh coastal cottages in the second and third weeks of September, and there was me thinking they’d all be empty as the children return to school this week.  Wrong there, Love.

To be honest, there were properties available but they looked like student accommodation by the sea, or didn’t have enough beds or wouldn’t take dogs;  who could resist Alf, our Spaniel, for heavens sake?  I felt affronted on his behalf and clicked away from said properties with disdain, thinking Alf’s manners and understanding exceed many humans of my acquaintance – OK, just saying.  So, keep looking, always like a dog with a bone when on a mission.  Need wifi for Son (on an Internet mission) and three bedrooms.  Is that such a lot to ask? No, I didn’t think so either.  As day turned to night and that day into the next, I finally gave up and sought sanctuary in my bed.

Oh yes, I listened to Dr Dain before I nodded off and waited for the “Or better …” to show up.  And it did!  Switched on my computer and up popped an ad to a site I hadn’t visited which was a surprise to me since my research had forensic intensity and accuracy, I thought.  By this time I was willing to click on anything which presented but this particular link took me to three cottages.  One was called, wait for it, drum rollDr Dain Heer please …. Dolphin Cottage.  I was on the phone as quickly as I could locate it under the piles of paper debris from earlier searches.  It’s available for the week we want.  Yes, from the lounge, just 200 yards from the beach, you can see dolphins playing in the bay when they’re around.  The owner then amazes me by offering to reduce the price before I’ve even asked what it is.  (Note To Self: Dain is definitely the man for me.)  Make booking feeling a sense of amazement that JUST what I wanted had presented.

“How can it get any better than this?”  I had an email this evening from the owner asking if we’d like to go earlier, for no additional charge.  It would be their pleasure to welcome us.  Just wondering what will happen when I do my “How can it get any better than this?” tonight?  I’ll let you know!