Gratitude, Sand and Solitude

20140912_165916Gratitude.  Thankfulness.  Abundance.  I felt all of these as I stood alone but for a seagull searching for supper a few feet away (later joined by Alfred, in the picture). The incoming tide crept towards me cooling the sand still warm from an unusually hot September day. Still and centred, I felt at one with the Universe which had again delivered the ‘Or better …’

In my last post I mentioned Dolphin Cottage and it was as delightful as it sounds.  I’d imagined sitting in bed and looking towards the ocean for dolphins – that’s exactly what I was doing when I took this pictureView from bed. I felt blessed and fortunate. The cottage was surrounded by garden and set upon a hillside. And it was pink – how fab is that? Inside welcomed us in with comfy couches and old beams and I’d happily have stayed there forever.

The dolphins joined us as we went four miles out to sea on a dolphin survey boat.  No surveys were scheduled but I managed to persuade the captain to do just one. Truth is, he didn’t need much convincing as he’s been tracking the dolphins, seals and porpoises in the bay for thirty years. Such excitement overtook both crew and we fellow sailors as fourteen bottlenosed dolphins of special interest to the survey came to us, the naturalists shooting hundreds of shots making it sound like a night on the red carpet at the Oscars.  In the end, our boat was surrounded by over thirty dolphins from several pods, all identifiable by their dorsal fins. Did you know that each one has different markings?  No, I didn’t either. One had her newly delivered calf with her, still displaying foetal folds – apparently they’re folded up in the womb and it takes a while for the mark to fade away. Actually, I question who was watching whom as they jumped from the water on one side of the boat, only to reappear on the other, swim with us for a while and then dive bomb somewhere else. It was thrilling.

20140908_191624There is absolutely no doubt that when we are in alignment with what we truly want and can feel it at the deepest level, it really is drawn to us.  Don’t worry about how it will present, just allow it to be.

Watching the sunset from a hilltop high above the ocean, my cup really did runneth over …