How’s Your Blind Spot?

FitzgeraldThoughts tumbled into my mind as I considered the book I’m writing, ‘Life Changing Seconds . . .’, making me  aware of how a little act of kindness or consideration can touch a heart and forever change a life and we’d never know.  How wonderful, the magnificent and hidden hand of the Universe silently at work.

Then I thought about how often our self-absorption and personal insecurities may have blinded us to chances for change, little windows of potential light left behind closed curtains.  We’re so busy rushing from one activity or meeting to another, or isolated with electronic friends, I wonder if we’re de-sensitising ourselves to the little clues which appear all the time?

In a couple of weeks I’ll be having my visual fields checked at the hospital.  It’s a simple process where various intensities of light are randomly shone through a screen and a button is pressed every time a dot of light is detected.  Eventually, a computer has enough information from the clicks to assess if there are any damaged areas on the retina which function as blind spots.  Physiologically, therefore, our field of vision can be measured.

But what about our spiritual vision and awareness?  How is that measured?  And is it something we can measure for ourselves?  Can we hold that in our conscious vision, or not?  What about those spiritual blind spots when we’re unaware that our careless words or opinions have cut through the fabric of someone’s emotions, jarring and painful?blind spot  We’ve all done it, perhaps knowingly on occasion?  Be honest.  You have.  I have.  In a second, we’ve defensively struck out at a perceived criticism or hurt, responding to a default setting long-established but dormant until someone touches that forgotten raw spot.  Oh yes, we HAVE all done that.  Perhaps more concerning are those occasions when a remark has had that effect but we don’t even realise we’ve caused pain as it’s masked by a spiritual blind spot.

I already know I have a small damaged area on my left retina but, hey, if you’ve ever been emotionally stung by falling into one of my spiritual blind spots, I hereby publicly and unreservedly apologise for any damage caused.