In Celebration Of Ourselves

stonesI’m amazed.  I’m thankful.  I’m grateful.  Are you?

You see, I spent most of yesterday lying flat and thinking.  Lying flat because I’d had cerebral spinal fluid drained off to reduce the pressure within my skull.  Thankful because although the pressure was over 100% higher than it should have been, my body continued to function, maintaining my mental acuity.  (Here I admit to being told I’ve been a bit picky recently but, being Cancerian, I prefer to think it was the influence of the Moon rather than an ‘in-house’ problem!)  Thinking, because I’m amazed at how adaptable we are in all areas of our being; body, mind and soul.  Grateful because skilled hands and scientific advancement returned my inner equilibrium and because my body adapts to changing circumstances and, in line with in-vogue posters, “Keeps Calm And Carries On.”     I was going to add that I largely refuse to give head space to the problem, but realise it’s not the best analogy.  It’s a tribute to the power of the life-force within each of us that physically we are under constant repair, each inter-connected system adapting and striving to provide an harmonious vehicle for the spiritual essence we seek to express.  Renewal is taking place, even as you read this – that’s a miracle in itself.

Glaciers and icebergs have always fascinated me and I had the humbling experience of absorbing the sheer beauty, stillness and silenceWWL of the Alaskan landscape a couple of years ago.  As I stood outside on deck for hours often alone, I was transfixed.  ‘Bittybergs’, huge pieces of ice often the size of houses and reflecting a hue of colours from green to blue floated past me, having sheered off the glaciers.  They’d been part of a greater whole for many thousands of years, yet now they had an individual presence and I was one of the first to bear witness to its form.  It was a spiritual experience, each piece representing to me the birth of a human life, coming from a place of one to an individual expression of that beauty.

And yesterday, I was considering the strength and potential held beyond our conscious vision, awaiting draw-down from vast spiritual reserves set aside to fund our way to the achievement of our individual purpose.  Yes, we each have one, or we wouldn’t be here.    The more we challenge ourselves, the greater the draw-down from central reserves.

I invite you to take a moment to think of the times you’ve had to dig deep.  You always found the strength/idea/support you needed, right?  Have you ever considered where that came from?  My guess is it’s a limitless resource, freely given in direct proportion to the effort we put into making a difference in our daily lives.  When we start ‘paying it forward’ by giving back – you know what I mean – then the draw-down comes with many magical bonuses.

The more I think, the more fascinated I become so the more I think.  But, for now, I’m away to do something . . . perhaps I’ll put the kettle on first!