It’s All In My Cancerian Stars – Yes, Really!

I had a fascinating session with astrologer Sally Kirkman  today when she revealed what’s in the Stars for me and, more spectacularly, identified some major happenings which had been predicted by the Heavens.  Frankly, I’m amazed.   Let me explain.

In an earlier blog I mentioned a near-death experience in 2007.  Details are too gorey to reveal but let’s just say necrotic and gangrenous bowel and abdominal wall featured heavily in the story to give a flavour of what went on.  Well (said in gossipy fashion),  there was me blaming botched work by the NHS when it was Uranus all the time!

For the last few months, in a business capacity, I’ve been involved with a very unstable and unpleasant man.   I’m now dealing with him through his solicitor.  Guess what?  That blighter Uranus seems to have had a hand in this, too.  And, just as a grand finale, Uranus leaves my sign on 1 March 2012 and, just this morning, I formalised the sale of my business to complete on that very date.

The flip side of Neptune can indicate trusting too easily and a lack of boundaries – guilty as charged, Ma’am.  With 20/20 hindsight, the learning from the ill-fated business mentioned above is that I was too trusting and allowed a fusion of personal and business matters (dog walker turned first potential purchaser of business, latterly stalker) to become hazy.  I didn’t put the correct protection in place from a business perspective.  Message received and understood.  Thankfully, Uranus won’t be coming back and I’m going for the positive side of Neptune offering strength, romance, dreams, inspiration and poetry.

Today would have been my Mother’s 88th birthday – Happy Birthday Mum – and I mentioned her a couple of times during my conversation with Sally  because I remember, as a child, she used to say I was affected by the Moon and so did Sally.  I’m a Cancerian, it happens, I think I probably am.  She also said I thought too much about things and then worried about what I’d been thinking; tick for each of those boxes too.  What else can a girl expect when her Virgo’s ascendent?  AND I have a ‘grand water trine’ (formed by three planets in the same element that trine each other, creating a triangle) but I’m not even going there, suffice to say that sometimes my energy has nowhere to go because I’m going round and round with things.

Sally asked me what happened in 1985 (chucked in my job and went back to college to do business management), 1991 (got married) and 1996 (moved house and still here).  I’m beginning to suspect an astral pulling of my strings.

Writing, communication, travel, spirituality and creativity feature strongly for the future, along with a need to surround myself with energetic ‘can do’ people.  It’s been a challenging couple of years but delighted to report the future’s looking rosy.  Apparently, I have to nourish mind, body and spirit and the fact that those words are in the banner of this blog wasn’t lost on Sally.  I wrote the banner in 2009 so clearly there was a little guidance in there somewhere.

Sally’s interpretation of the charts and insight into how the effects may present in life are extraordinary and I think a reading should be an essential in everyone’s development tool kit.  Give Sally a call for a quick route to the inside track!

  • Sweet Janet, it sounds like you are standing on the threshold of a wonderful new phase of your life with writing and travel featuring in your stars, sounds like great fun.

    Happy Birthday Mum!

    • Thanks, Marion, it does sound quite exciting. Will be delighted to see the back of Uranus, that’s for sure! Glad I didn’t know about it’s impact before the event.

  • Thank you for the brilliant write up, Janet, and a great understanding of your astrology. The language of astrology can bamboozle folk but you have quoted everything perfectly. “As Above, So Below”. Wishing you all the best, Sally

    • Many thanks for the insights into my Life happenings, Sally. I’m looking forward to the coming months with pleasant anticipation. Janet

  • I think I shall be running to Sally’s door myself after this amazing bit of PR for her. What a reading Janet – the future awaits – and it sounds like a very exciting one at that. Good luck and may the force be with you. I shall be following your blog for reports!

    • Hi Bianca. Yes, I think you’d find a session with Sally really interesting. I was amazed that it was possible to accurately state the years in which something important had happened. Let me know if you have your chart done. Janet

  • Janet, excellent timing..what a fascinating insight in life. I am sorry you you have had so much hardship yet its amazing seeing the link (with hindsight) of the effect of Uranus. Roll on 2012.

    • Thanks, Ntathu. Roll on 1st March when Uranus spins away. Astrology is such a fascinating subject, I’d love to learn more. Janet

  • Great article Janet, and what a testimonial for Sally! Can’t wait to hear more of your journey

    • Thanks, Allison. Yes, a session with Sally is really worthwhile. Will keep you posted on what happens when Uranus moves on! Janet

  • Jan

    A fascinating insight into what makes you, you. I love the way you included details of your astrological reading with Sally.
    It’s good to know that Uranus is on the wane and a new, exciting future beckons. Jan x

    • Hi Jan. Sally’s description of my characteristics was uncanny – just shows how we’re influenced without even realising! Can’t wait to see the back of Uranus and looking forward to pastures new. Hope you’re planets are being kind to you. Janet

  • Liz

    Read that with interest Janet as like you I’m a “Cancer”. Interesting comments from Sally about 1985 – it signalled a great change in my life also.

    • That’s fascinating, Liz! I hope Uranus hasn’t been playing up for you, too. If so, we’ll be free of it by 1st March! Janet

  • Truly interesting stuff here, Janet – so glad to hear that Uranus is on its way out for you. I’m soooo tempted to get a reading for myself from Sally – perhaps a little birthday pressy for me from me next week…
    I’m looking forward to hearing about all the great things that are in store for you! Sarah x

    • Thanks, Sarah. A little birthday pressie for you in the form of your Astrology Chart is in the Stars because, as they say in the ad “You’re worth it”. I’ll let you know what happens after Uranus moves on! Janet