Just Too Comfortable!

cartoon1Recipe For Missed Call:
Take one freezing cold night
One husband
One son
One dog
One fire
One TV

Despatch husband to other end of country on business
Ask son to make a cup of tea (as best tea maker in house)
Light fire to make lounge welcoming
Switch on TV and select programme
Drink warming tea
Bid son goodnight
Accept soft warm Spaniel as footwarmer as he curls up and lays his head across feet
Lay head back against sofa to consider the day for a moment before vital viewing
Pass time until call at 1.00amDog

Maintain position for a couple of minutes until thoughts gently yet involuntarity fade into sleep
Remain in this position until dog moves

Jolt awake
TV programme has added ‘signing’ – a sure indicator it’s the middle of the night
Stiff neck
4-hours missing from life
‘Dead’ foot
Missed call

And so it was on Tuesday evening.  Head back – zonk – gone.  I invite insomniacs everywhere to give this a go and you’ll be away before you utter “Can’t sleep”!   Guaranteed more effective than 99.9% of sleep-inducing pills.

OK, we’ve all fallen asleep in front of the box, so what?  The ‘what’ is that I’d been preparing for a group call at 1.00am (US Eastern time, you see) and as an ‘owl’ of many years standing staying up has never been a problem.  Getting up before the beasts in the fields, however, IS a problem for me but not for the ‘larks’ I know.

The blanket of night had long since embraced the New York skyline by the time I stumbled into consciousness, stiff neck and all.  I had to ‘go large’, of course, missing something which mattered, not just a random webinar.  This was an important participative strategy call for the collaborative book I’m involved in.  Sure, I’ll catch it on the replay but not quite the same as being in the moment and joining in, is it?

Note To Self:  Night owl now in retirement – set alarm next time to avoid embarrassment and severely stiff neck.