Lisa Gibson, Exemplar of Peace

Lisa GibsonMy friend and colleague, Lisa Gibson, tragically lost her brother in the Lockerbie Bombing 25 years ago and has devoted her life to brokering peace.  I first met Lisa in Orlando when we worked together on a collaborative book, The Expert Success Solution.  Lisa’s warmth and friendliness drew me straight away, a calming presence in the room.  It was only as we spoke that Lisa’s amazing journey was revealed.  An attorney, global conflict coach, mediator, and founder and director of the Peace and Prosperity Alliance and author of several books, Lisa’s work in Libya and beyond has made a real difference.

Lisa’s produced a 5-CD Set, Learning To Forgive, the proceeds from which are partly going towards alleviating suffering in countries torn apart and where hundreds of thousands are homeless, bereaved, hungry and thirsty.  Lisa continues to make a difference in the Middle East and around the world.  Her story will be coming to a cinema near you before long too.

But we’re not just talking of international conflict here, but of conflict within our relationships.  Lisa says the biggest question she’s been asked is “How do you forgive?”  It’s a biggie for sure and something we could all benefit from in our lives, setting us free to focus on the positive blessings we sometimes don’t appreciate as we struggle with inner conflict.

Help yourself and those in dire circumstances by treating yourself to Learning To Forgive – Your Pathway To Inner Peace.  Lisa’s story could have been very different had she become bitter at the loss of the older brother she adored, rather than dedicating her life to bringing peace to areas of conflict in personal relationships, in the corporate world and on the international stage.