Spiritual Growth

This afternoon I was standing in the kitchen preparing a lasagne and many thoughts came tumbling into my mind, and I suddenly remembered some words I was compelled to write down one afternoon in 1996.  It was a free afternoon, the first for some time, as Daughter was at school and Son was having his first session at nursery.   Why this should come to mind as I grated cheese, enjoying the odd morsel myself and passing titbits to Alf (pleased that D wasn’t a witness or I would have been in trouble), I don’t know.  Lasagne in the oven, I went to where I store my writing and there they were, as written on 7th June, sixteen years ago.  Perhaps I could share them with you?

“It is only from a distance that one can see the detail.  Draw back a little for a moment of reflection.  Your questions show you are moving forward.  You will be asked to question everything you held most dear and believed to be the truth, for your truth changes as perception grows, encompassing thoughts which earlier were rejected.  Be happy in your doubt for, from this, the acorn grows.

“Limitless streams of knowledge continually flow.  Drink from those to which you are drawn knowing that, at that place, and at that time, you are meant to be.  Some knowledge you will not then capture for the fabric of your vibration is too coarse a net.  Time, understanding and experience will refine your  vibrations so that the finer, and therefore higher, teachings will be given to you.”

So very much has happened since that afternoon and, yes, I have been challenged in my thinking many times.  I have no doubt that our steps are guided and yet we have free will.  I KNOW we have guardian angels because, at the age of thirteen, an unseen hand physically pulled me back from the path of a lorry which was just about to speed around the corner.  Inspiration to take certain actions has come as if from nowhere so many times.

Each of us has so much within linking us to life unseen; tools to hone, adapt and use for greater fulfillment within our daily lives.  The Universe has our backs but our thoughts, words and deeds shape our experience.

I am not religious, believing one’s religion to largely be an accident of birth, dependent upon the culture of our earthly family.  Instead, I believe how we treat others is paramount.  In my opinion, no faith has all the answers but all roads lead home.

At a conference I attended in Phoenix, Arizona I was asked to take the stage and tell the audience a little about myself.  Much to my surprise, I did and enjoyed sharing.  I even surprised myself when I finished with: “I’m a spiritual traveller, destination unknown”.

And, you know what?  That’s exactly who I am.