In Celebration Of Ourselves


I’m amazed.  I’m thankful.  I’m grateful.  Are you? You see, I spent most of yesterday lying flat and thinking.  Lying flat because I’d had cerebral spinal fluid drained off to reduce the pressure within my skull.  Thankful because although the pressure was over 100% higher than it should have been, my body continued to function, maintaining my mental acuity.  (Here I admit to being told I’ve been a bit picky recently but, being Cancerian, I prefer to think it was […] Read more »

Five Things You Don’t Know About Me…


I’m enjoying membership of a blogging group at the moment which is encouraging me to dust off the quill and start writing again. Just for fun, we’re each revealing five things about ourselves which nobody knows – truthfully, I’d almost forgotten them myself!  So, having trawled through the decades, here goes: 1.  I was once the Under 5s Junior Shark Fishing Champion.  Yes, you did read that correctly.  As a child born to military nomads, we spent  our early years living in foreign lands.  […] Read more »