Dr Dain And The Dolphins

How can it get any better than this?” is the new buzz phrase on the block, so I thought I’d give it a try.    Dr Dain Heer’s my new ‘Go To” guru and I’m lovin’ him and his insights.   Why so?  In the words of the late Max Bygraves, “I wanna tell you a story”. Every now and again, the Cancerian in me finds expression and I’ve been yearning to be near the sea.  If that sea was a […] Read more »

It’s All In My Cancerian Stars – Yes, Really!


I had a fascinating session with astrologer Sally Kirkman  today when she revealed what’s in the Stars for me and, more spectacularly, identified some major happenings which had been predicted by the Heavens.  Frankly, I’m amazed.   Let me explain. In an earlier blog I mentioned a near-death experience in 2007.  Details are too gorey to reveal but let’s just say necrotic and gangrenous bowel and abdominal wall featured heavily in the story to give a flavour of what went on.  Well (said in […] Read more »