Letting Go And Finding Balance


It’s taken many years but I feel able to cheerfully announce that I am healed!  Why so?  I wasn’t looking forward to it but I’ve been back to the storage depot with my brother and sorted the remainder of the treasures which belonged to my Mum and Dad. You’d have been proud of me, tackling the job with a very positive mental attitude.  We sorted through a mountain of boxes, saving a few books for bookworm Daughter to read – bought her a Kindle […] Read more »

Grieve And Then Let Go…


I’m procrastinating.  There’s something I have to do which I started but haven’t yet found the strength to complete.  It will be the end, a final amen. But time does heal, you know?  Recently, I went through some boxes of things which belonged to Mum and Dad and which have been in storage for years.  The first time I looked at them, I was unable to part with anything as every single item held such fond memories.  Last time I went,  I found something I’d been looking for and was able to allocate other […] Read more »