How’s Your Blind Spot?


Thoughts tumbled into my mind as I considered the book I’m writing, ‘Life Changing Seconds . . .’, making me  aware of how a little act of kindness or consideration can touch a heart and forever change a life and we’d never know.  How wonderful, the magnificent and hidden hand of the Universe silently at work. Then I thought about how often our self-absorption and personal insecurities may have blinded us to chances for change, little windows of potential light left behind […] Read more »

Grieve And Then Let Go…


I’m procrastinating.  There’s something I have to do which I started but haven’t yet found the strength to complete.  It will be the end, a final amen. But time does heal, you know?  Recently, I went through some boxes of things which belonged to Mum and Dad and which have been in storage for years.  The first time I looked at them, I was unable to part with anything as every single item held such fond memories.  Last time I went,  I found something I’d been looking for and was able to allocate other […] Read more »