Swift Vet Visiting


I’ll write this very quietly to avoid alarm in the basket behind me.  We went to the V-E-T . . .schuush . . . !  Had been putting it off but daughter came home at the weekend and was unimpressed by the procrastination.  Smacked wrist pour moi.  Ruff, aging Persian fluffball, has been seriously under-achieving with his scratchpost activities and it was time for Alfred’s doggy disease inhibiting vaccine. Seizing time by the throat while daughter went to raid a bank decided […] Read more »

It’s All In My Cancerian Stars – Yes, Really!


I had a fascinating session with astrologer Sally Kirkman  today when she revealed what’s in the Stars for me and, more spectacularly, identified some major happenings which had been predicted by the Heavens.  Frankly, I’m amazed.   Let me explain. In an earlier blog I mentioned a near-death experience in 2007.  Details are too gorey to reveal but let’s just say necrotic and gangrenous bowel and abdominal wall featured heavily in the story to give a flavour of what went on.  Well (said in […] Read more »