Thanks for coming over…

happyHi, I’m Janet Swift and I’m really pleased you’ve dropped in!  Are you enjoying a sun-filled day when all’s right in your world?  Great if you are but, if not, you’ve come to the right place.  We all have times when we feel ‘off balance’ and overwhelmed by life’s challenges.  The emotional rollercoaster that is ‘life’ can deliver great happiness but also acute emotional pain and suffering.  How boring  life would be if everything was monochrome.

One thing I can absolutely guarantee is that you have the inner strength to deal with ANYTHING!  All things pass and every experience, no matter how difficult, offers golden opportunities for personal growth.  Remember, everything begins with a thought and the future you dream of is waiting for you  . . .  yes, honestly!

  • cathy duffy

    Your opener was a breath of fresh air – i’m looking forward to finding my ‘Inner Strength’ and a future that i know is waiting for me !!!

  • You write so beautifully Janet, thanks for those words of wisdom. xx

  • Janet – Love that title ‘Life Changing Cafe’ – suggestions of great shifts in a relaxed atmosphere. Perfect.

  • Jan

    Hi Janet, a lovely, gentle introduction to finding a way to make significant changes in life. So many people have been through challenging experiences and don’t believe it can and will get better. They need to find you and what you offer – Jan