The 5 Best Things About Working for Myself

Judith Morgan and Marion Ryan have been extremely creative and industrious during February, simultaneously launching and facilitating their Better Bloggers Pilot Scheme and a cracking new superblog, Entrepreneur Soul.  It’s been a virtual pleasure meeting my fellow bloggers in the Pilot,  enjoying their humour and learning from their writing styles and expertise.  As our swan song in February’s finale, we’re invited to share our 5 best things about being self-employed which, in and of itself, has been illuminating for me as one word recurs in each benefit, namely FREEDOM.

Spontaneity – For me, spontaneity is the spice of life because I love each day to differ from the one before, free of crippling routine and drudgery.  If the sun’s shining I can take off into the hills with the dog, creating thinking time in a creative environment.  Have you noticed how your best thinking sometimes happens in the shower, when the brain’s in neutral?  And so it is when surrounded by the beauty of Nature.  Or perhaps an interesting invitation arrives out of the blue and, being in charge of my own destiny, I can accept if I want to, without filling out a form for HR.

Travel – Having travelled widely as a child, it’s in my blood; there’s a huge world out there and my dream, no, vision is to visit as much of it as I can.  Having the freedom to work from wherever I am in the world, courtesy of excellent communication systems, makes this a reality.  In 2011, I was fortunate to be able to work on, and in, my business from Dubrovnik, Venice, Bari, and sitting amongst the ancient ruins of Ephesus in Turkey.  It was amazing to speak with one of my mentors from 3,500 metres up a glacier in Saas Fee, Switzerland and have a clearer line to the USA than I do from home.  It’s invaluable to me not to be constrained to the four weeks’ annual leave, taken when someone else decides.

Working My Way – Yes, I admit I like doing things my way which suits my way of thinking and working.  Freedom from the 500-page Procedures Manual, or variations thereof, found in most corporate environments is life-enhancing to me.  Having been introduced to Roger Hamilton’s Wealth Dynamics by Judith Morgan, I can see why my way of working may differ from colleagues.  Have you checked out your Wealth Dynamics Profile yet?  If so, you’ll understand exactly what I mean and, if not, why not treat yourself – because you’re worth it and it’s worth identifying your strengths.

It’s Family-Friendly – For the last 5 years I’ve had time for my teenagers, helping them navigate through school, free to attend parents’ evenings and other events and, latterly, open days at universities without reference to anyone else.  These important years pass so quickly and the decision to work for myself built more fun and opportunities into family life.  Precious times and memories for life.

Choice  – I determine which projects/businesses I’m involved in and, ultimately, my income.  I’m free to be as creative as I wish and move in any new direction I choose, my business ventures evolving and reflecting the changes within me over time.  Right now, I’m selling my first business, which I turned around and have run successfully for 5 years, the proceeds of which I’m investing to create a passive income, enabling me to concentrate on writing, which is my first love.  Now then, travel correspondent would be a very welcome path to explore next . . .

In a nutshell, working for myself frees me to do what I choose, when I want and in the way I decide is best whilst engaging my love of travel and having full and lasting relationships with my family.  What more could a girl ask?

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  • Great article, Janet.  Like you I love the chance to be spontaneous.  No permission needed from the boss to take a day off!

    • janetswift

      Hi Marion.  How lucky we are to be making our own decisions and to have the freedom to cut loose whenever opportunity presents.  Long may it continue.

  • the facelift and power to be co-creator of your fate. I especially identify and connect with the Family-Friendly value of self-employment, each stage of the parenting process has its ups and downs and to be able to be hands-on and there is such a joy and relief! take care and thanks for inviting me over to kick back and chill for a while.

    • janetswift

      Hi Ntathu.  Thanks for coming over, lovely to see you in The Cafe.  It really is a blessing to be on hand for those important parenting times and I really appreciate having been able to work around family commitments.  Come on over whenever you need to relax, it’ll be great to see you!

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  • oh Janet, wow, how freedom-oriented is your blog for a Cancerian. Please inspire one of my own fellow crab friends to travel more (she loves it too, really!) Plus how liberating is your new “white space” website – gorgeous!  Ooh, I have some gorgeous photos of Ephesus taken when my friend and I were dropped at the “back door” so it was the two of us on our own until we met the hoards of group-led people coming the other way. Remind me to send you some of them. Lovely post. Thank you. Miss you. Sally

    • janetswift

      Hi Sally.  Glad you like my new “white space”.  Encouraging a fellow Cancerian to travel more would be a wonderful project!  Isn’t Ephesus an amazing place?  I’d love to see your photos sometime.  Thanks for coming over – it does seem odd without our daily Better Bloggers contact, doesn’t it?  Take care and keep those Stars coming!

  • Lovely to see we share the travel bug Janet – maybe we’ll see you on the road some time! Loving the new look of your blog, too.

    Totally agree about freedom being the main joy of self-employment, and I
    wonder if the desire for freedom and the love of travel are linked? Sarah

    • janetswift

      Hi Sarah and Tony.  Glad you like my makeover!  Yes, I think you’re right – freedom and travel do seem to go hand in hand.  I haven’t been anywhere since last August but I’ll have to make do with London next week.  Happy travelling!

  • Allison

    Great post Janet and a fantastic position to be in – ready to sell a business,

    • janetswift

      Hi Allison.  I just can’t wait for completion!  Thanks for coming over.

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