Tragedy And Hope . . .

courage aristotleJust four weeks away from holding her baby in her arms she stood shocked, on automatic pilot and wondering how to get through the day – literally.  It was clear her body was protecting her from the worst realisation that eleven members of her family had been snatched away by the typhoon which hit the Philippines.  And still her unborn child moved along the timeline towards birth.  I wondered whether the shock might hasten the event and prayed this new life would stay in the warm sanctuary of the womb for as long as possible.

A few days ago I posted about gratitude and, strangely, that was also about water.  You will have seen the utter devastation caused by the typhoon – how did that make you feel?  I felt helpless in the greater scheme of things but determined to help in any way possible.  Save The Children are taking donations and this is one organisation which doesn’t waste money on plush offices, etc.  Also, I’m looking for local clothes donation centres as clothes and non-perishable food stuffs have been asked for.

In March 2000 I remember being stunned by TV pictures of a woman giving birth while hanging onto the branches of a tree as crocodile infested flood waters rushed by beneath her.  If this was a scene in a film, we’d think itborn in tree 1 a little far-fetched, wouldn’t we?  And yet, this is how Rosita Pedro  entered the world during the Mozambique floods.  I’ve never forgotten this event because it proved beyond doubt that we have the strength to overcome anything if the drive to do so is sufficiently strong.  The fierce protection of a mother towards her unborn child is perhaps one of the strongest of all.

Ladies, I invite you to reflect upon the ‘comfortable’ birth in the Maternity Unit, perhaps in a nice warm water pool with whatever medication you chose – yes, I know it was excruciating, having delivered twice – but imagine going through that without any pain relief, hanging from the branches of a tree, knowing you have to catch the baby as it arrives and, if you don’t, both of you will drown or be ripped apart in the jaws of a hungry crocodile.  Certainly puts things into perspective, doesn’t it?  Life-changing events take us to places within ourselves we didn’t know were there.

And yet that story sustains me now because I believe the young mum-to-be who stood shocked and confused in the ruins of her life, will find the strength to go on, to care for her child and, somehow, to rebuild her life.

Thoughts are living things.  Everything every created by Man started with a thought.  Apart from donating to the aid effort, we can take a moment to send out thoughts for healing and health for all affected by the typhoon and every other disaster taking place on Mother Earth at this time.  10,000 lives extinguished in a single catastrophic event.  Like me, you may be wondering why such a terrible thing has happened?  We have to believe there’s a reason beyond our understanding for this and every other devastating blow delivered by Nature and that somehow, in some way, some good will eventually come from it.

In the meantime, I invite you to join me in sending healing and light to all those in need, wherever they may be, peace to those who have returned home and a warm welcome to those lives just beginning.