Venice Dream Delivered. . .

Gondola Isn’t it wonderful when someone’s dream comes true especially when, with a little help from the ever-abundant Universe, you helped make it a reality?  So it was with our trip to Venice.  Daughter had longed to go there and I’d thought it’d be lovely to mark her 21st birthday by whisking her away as a surprise.  Piggy bank problems prevented planning but, deep inside, I held the thought.   I’m comfortable with 11th hour, 59th minute and 59th second solutions so, just a week before the big birthday, wasn’t panicking about lack of action.

At just six days and counting the most amazing offer for a break in Venice suddenly dropped into my ‘inbox’.  Best hotel on the Grand Canal, trip to Murano and other islands included, flights on 23rd January, returning at lunchtime on the 25th – the birthday – leaving time to dash back for the surprise party at home in the evening!  Brilliant, because daughter’s last exam ended at 4.00pm on the 22nd, leaving time to travel from Uni up North home and then onwards to Gatwick after a short sleep.  Couldn’t believe the price either, since all of the above cost less than a peak hour return rail ticket from Gloucester to London!

The outward journey worked like clockwork and we were in St Mark’s Square by lunchtime AND the city was bathed in glorious sunlight.  It filled me with such happiness to witness the sheer effervescent delight and disbelief that visiting Venice evoked in Daughter.  On the way in, as the Captain announced we were flying over the Matterhorn, Daughter said: “Mum, I can’t believe this is happening, it feels surreal!”  I was engulfed in a haze of gratitude that I was sharing this precious second, one I knew we’d both remember.

As we explored the City, our gondola ride was a real highlight.  We silently travelled around the canals, the stillness surprising me.  I hadn’t expected the quietness as we experienced a world hidden from pedestrians.  I can confirm Venice is sinking as the water was four feet higher than usual and we watched it lapping over the Canal facing doorsteps.  Boating traffic probably equals that of the English Channel in high season but we were the only gondola out when we took our early morning trip.  Mind you, I think we were offered a terrific price as agondola3 loss leader because by the time we’d been seen heading back, there was a small queue forming.

I felt like Royalty as we slowly and peacefully progressed along the waterways and Daughter was a little perturbed by my waving to innocent householders and the fact that the fur around my coat made me look Russian, in her opinion.  Nothing like creating a little confusion along the waterways, I reckon.

Preparations for the carnival were all around, a celebration everyone participates in before the start of Lent, which added to the general buzz.  We could almost taste the rising sense of excitment and anticipation in the air which added to the thrill of just being there; it felt like Christmas Eve.

We shared some fab moments from the second I rang Daughter to tell her I’d booked it as she battled with revision, to the second we touched down again at Gatwick and thinking about it brings a warm glow.  For one young lady and her happy mum, it’s a wish fulfilled.  Thank you, ever-abundant, 11th hour, 59th minute and 59th second Universe, you always deliver.

Once thought of, our dreams and wishes are ready and waiting for us to fulfil them, you know?  In my mind’s eye it’s a bit like a treasure hunt; the opportunities and possibilities abound, signposting our way, if only we’re open and allow ourselves to see them with our conscious vision.  And guess what?  The best manifesting accessory a guy or girl can have is an ‘attitude of gratitude’ for all that is and all that has been – yes, even the rocky places – for it leads you to your next significant signposts.

I’m working towards being blessed, beautiful and brilliantly balanced so I’d better away and get on with it.  That’s quite a task I’ve set myself; just heard a little quibbling voice inside say: “Bit of an uphill struggle for you then, eh?”

. . . I AM positive, I AM happy, I AM accepting, I AM grateful, I AM capable of achieving anything and so are YOU!

PS – Easijet had even introduced allocated seating so eliminating the bun fight upon embarking – truly a blessing!