Where Water Goes Energy Flows

earthAs we look out into the cosmos, the one thing we know with our current limited vision is that water on Mother Earth separates us from the massive expanse of universal creation.

And it is the water sustaining our world which enables life.  Four-fifths of Mother Earth is covered by this precious substance and our physical vehicles, our bodies, are 75% water.  But the importance of water is not simply in the sustenance of our planet and bodies, but is also reflected in its example to us.

If we consider water and its actions within the living world, we see reflected lessons for our renewal and healing.

Conditions build up within global weather systems which whip water into torrents unleashing their explosive power, releasing energy and causing devastation and change.  So it is with our inner world when pressure and frustration rise to an explosive level.   Anger rips through the very fabric of our being, damaging us and striking those around us before the calm of healing and reconciliation and an associated growth of understanding.

In contrast to the fury of a boiling ocean, watching the gentle flow of clear water calms the soul in the same way as the positive passage of divine universal energy passing through us, encouraging the expression of compassion and creativity.

But within the flow of a healthy river, changes are naturally happening.  The rough edges of stones are smoothed with the passage of water and time, creating a more beautiful version of the original as it travels with the flow offlowing river the river.  And, as we journey through our physical incarnation, life’s events shape our roughly hewn selves as we assimilate the learning we are here to absorb.  As the water travels relentlessly on sustaining life within and alongside it, so it is with the soul within each of us.  Our experiences and learning enhance the essence of our inner being which, in turn, affects those we touch, sometimes in ways not readily understood.

Imagine a rock pool where, until the tide changes, water is held within but left in stillness for a while.  It settles and quietens after the bustle of the tide recedes, sustaining life and holding it safely until it is time to move on.   Periods of calm and balance in our lives recreate the stillness and contentment within that little rock pool, where the creatures rest until the next time they are washed out into the deeper ocean, to again find peace upon another shore.

Where there is a blockage in the natural flow, stagnation and disease inevitably follow.  A stagnant stream, its exit blocked, will soon become stale and disharmony in the natural order will eventually suffocate life.  As we harbour negative emotions and energy within, harmony and balance diminish in favour of depression, anger and frustration, sadly so prominent in the modern age.  Our inner energetic life impacts the healthy operation of our physical body creating disease.  Modern medicine has developed to treat the physical manifestation of much of our emotional and spiritual malaise but it is only the free flow of positive energies and an acceptance of change within which enable the holistic healing of mind body and soul.energy flow body

Earthly pathways are challenging for, without addressing our flaws, our light cannot shine brighter.  Encouraging free-flowing positive energy will always uplift the human spirit as it journeys through the labyrinth of life.

Be as that flowing water, meandering freely around obstacles as we find another way, happy to move and change as necessary while sustaining those who share our journey.  As we grow together in mutual harmony and balance, our soul purpose is revealed to us.